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There is a small corner of Wales, that is call Anglesey. It is no mistake that the MOD have put an RAF base on it.  Part of the reason is that generally, the weather is quite good. On the north coast of Anglesey, there is a village called Cemaes Bay. If you look at the maps below, you can see that Cemaes has traditionally had better Sun, and lower rainfall than most of the rest of the country.  That is one of our little secrets… (Shhhhh :)) I must update this!  It still happens check it out Met Office Graphs:



2010 Actual Sunshine

2010  Note the hot spot… loads of sun.


2009 Actual Sunshine

2009- just at the top of the Island, a bit darker, so more sun than nearly anywhere else in the UK


2008 Actual Sunshine

2008 – again, a tiny dot of extra Sun at Cemaes Bay, same sun as the South East


2007 Actual Sunshine

2007- the whole of the top of Anglesey got more Sun this year. The same as the Isle of Wight, so  good.


The same applies to the rainfall.  This is a clear one, it is not usually so clear, as Anglesey as a whole gets a bit more rain than the Midlands, and so on the annual maps, it shows as such.  What these maps don’t show of course, is that when it rain in Cemaes Bay, it Rains.  Big drops. Then the sun comes out again. You get less of the fine “mizzle”  we get inland.


2007  Actual Rainfall

2007  Rainfall. As I said above, not every year shows this, but most do. But Shhhh…


But please… if it rains on your holiday… please do not blame me!