Things to Do

Things to do while you are staying at Spindrift without getting in the car.

1. The main Cemaes Bay beach is easy walking distance, as is the smaller beach, you can get from the nearer smaller beach to the main beach by crossing a shallow stream at low tide, or go round via Cemaes Bay at high tide. The smaller beach is sand and shingle, with plenty of rock pools to explore, while the main beach is wide, and sandy, perfect for playing on the beach, swimming, sandcastles and more. The Harbour wall is great for crabbing, or simply watching the boats. You can get to the nearest beach at low tide by going down the steps at Angorfa, (be careful, they are covered in seaweed, so slippy), and at high tide just take the steep track to the left at the end of the drive, or go down by the road.

2. Follow the coastal path in either direction from Spindrift, the whole loop around Anglesey is 124 miles, so you can walk as far as you wish! The coastal path in both directions has lots to see, and great views. On the way, you might like to call in on…..

3. The Island off Porth y Ogof, in the next bay West, 10 minutes walk away. We call it Kirrin Island,  (from Enid Blyton) as it has a secret cave, and can only be visited at low tide. It is very easy to get stuck on the island, as the tide comes in quickly. I suggest an adult goes into the cave with any children, as there is a difficult climb at the end to get onto the island, but the bright light of sky above will be too tempting for adventurers if left alone! People, let alone children, might find that once up, it is difficult to get down, so please be careful.

4. Follow the coastal path East from Cemaes Bay over the headland, and get to the pebbly White Lady beach, with it’s huge rock of quartzite, and iron ore rich rocks, there is plenty of exploring to do.

5. Visit Lanbedrig church,  (about a 2 mile walk, depending on the tide, can cut across the beach at low tide)and scramble down the cliffs to St Patrick’s Cave.  Fine when dry, but the cave is looking a bit unstable, so don’t go inside. Adults might be interested in the history of St Patrick being shipwrecked on Middle Mouse, and swimming ashore, while the younger adventurers will plan living in a cave above the sea, with a fresh water spring outside.

6.Watch for dolphins or porpoises in the sea. We have seen